There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know. 

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Dee Williamson- darciegirl@cox.net 





Introductory Agility Workbook  Written and published by Clean Run Productions 

The first book in our highly acclaimed agility training series  contains progressive exercises and instructional information for an  eight-week class designed for dogs and handlers who do not have any  agility training experience. 134 pages 

Intermediate Agility Workbook (2 copies)  Written and published by Clean Run Productions
The second book in our highly acclaimed agility training series contains  progressive exercises and instructional information for an eight-week  class designed for dogs and handlers that have completed a beginning  agility class. 122 pages

Advanced Agility Workbook    Written and published by Clean Run Productions

The third book in our highly acclaimed agility training series  contains progressive exercises and instructional information for an  eight-week class designed for dogs and handlers who are preparing for  competition. 136 pages. 

Clean Run Exercise Sourcebook: Intermediate & Advanced Jumping,  Weaving, and Contact Exercises

Compiled by Pamela Green, Published by Clean Run Productions

Have you gone out to the back yard with the few obstacles you have  available and realized that you didn't have any more ideas? Are you an  agility instructor and need a resource to quickly find exercises at  multiple levels? As home trainers, we know what we need to train, but  few of us have the time or inclination to design our own training  sequences. As instructors, we sometimes just need a little help. The  Clean Run Exercise Sourcebook has been designed with you in mind. The  exercises were developed by top handlers, trainers, and instructors and  have appeared in Clean Run magazine over the years. They've been  organized in the book into three sections -- jumping, weaving, and  contacts -- each with sequences at both intermediate and advanced  levels. All 231 exercises included in this book will fit within a 60' x  80' training area. 96 pages. 

2003 Clean Run Camp Book 

This year's camp book is packed with even more information than in  past year's. We've left out the instructor bios and filled it with  exercises and training articles. This 96-page book contains over 300  exercises, most of which are designed to fit in a 60' x 80' training  area. It also contains detailed training notes for several of the  classes as well as useful articles such as "How Do You Walk a Course to  Win," "Deposits into the Perfect Recall Account," "Tips on Getting a  Solid Stay in the Agility Ring," "Finding Your Own Handling Style," "A  Philosophy for Training to Win," and more!

2002 Clean Run Camp Book

2004 Clean Run / Power Paws Camp Book 


 Entering Your First Agility Trial: A Guide  for the Novice Competitor Written by Cindy Buckholt, Published by Clean Run Productions 

  Everything you need to know to enter your first trial, from deciding  what classes to enter and filling out the paperwork to what to bring!  This booklet is intended to give you some idea of what to expect and  also to let you know what is expected of you so that you can be more  comfortable about your first trial experience. 72 pages.

Fear No More: Competing With    Confidence Written by Barbara Cecil & Gerianne Darnell, Published by T9E Publishing 

Do you feel you are your dog's greatest asset in practice and his  greatest liability in the ring? Do you obsess over your handling errors  and your dog's performance? In the ring, does your dog sometimes act as  though he's never seen you before? Have you ever realized as you're  leaving the ring that you were holding your breath the whole time? If  you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. Fear  No More covers every stress-buster and tension-reliever from  Affirmations to Zen, including what you should eat, drink, smell and  hear, potions and pills, relaxation exercises, proper breathing, goal  setting, 20 pages of "quick fixes," and much much more! Whatever your  area of dog sports, make competing with your dog as enjoyable as it  should be! 208 pages. 

Do-It-Yourself Agility Equipment:      Constructing Agility Equipment for Training or    Competition Written by Jim Hutchins, Published by Clean Run Productions 

Whether you are building obstacles for backyard training, for agility  classes, or for AKC, NADAC, or USDAA trials, Do-It-Yourself Agility  Equipment is the ultimate equipment reference for the agility  enthusiast. In this book, you will find 27 detailed construction plans  for making everything from a welded aluminum A-frame to contact training  hoops. Each plan includes a list of materials and tools needed as well  as numerous illustrations to help simplify the construction of each  obstacle. In addition to equipment plans, this book contains suggestions  on when and why it may be better to buy something than to build it and  provides the first printed Resource Guide of agility equipment and  materials vendors. You will also find current equipment specifications  for the major agility organizations as well as tips on how to build  obstacles so that they meet the criteria for more than one organization.  160 pages 

Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog  Agility Written by Stuart Mah, Published by Clean Run Productions

Don't be put off by the title! This is a must-have book for every  agility judge, instructor, or serious competitor. By understanding the  elements of course design, you'll see how the design of a course  influences how the dog and handler perform the course, and ultimately,  if they succeed. 110 pages. 

All About Agility Written by Jacqueline F. O'Neil, Published by Howell Book House

Agility has so exploded in popularity that the scene has gotten big  and confusing. This book will sort it all out, with a friendly, chatty  overview of Agility in all its incarnations. All About Agility will  emphasize getting involved in the sport, how it has evolved, what the  various rules and titles are, how the courses differ, etc. Other  chapters will look at assessing your dog, what to expect at a  competition, training tips from the pros and what else you can do with  your agile dog.
Donated by Anne Young

Shaping Success   Susan Garrett

Why reinvent the wheel? Shaping Success contains a career's  worth of training experience. From puppy basics like recalls, rear end  awareness, and distraction training to games for building motivation to a  step-by-step program for training incredibly reliable contacts and  weave poles, Shaping Success shares the training program of one  of the world's most respected dog trainers, Susan Garrett. The book  covers both controlling drive and building drive, and it includes an  explanation of Susan's world-famous contact training and 2x2 weave pole  training methods. Plus it's an entertaining and thought-provoking read  that dog owners as well as serious dog trainers will enjoy.

Competing in Agility  ( 2 copies)  Cindy Buckholt, Publication Date: 2005

Everything you need to know to enter your first trial, from filling  out the paperwork to what to bring! Includes summary of rules for AKC,  NACAC, and USDAA, registration forms, class descriptions and sample  courses, a list of titles, and much more. SNEAK Note: this is an older  addition and some rules may have been changed but still has good  information.


Agility Success   Angelica Steinker

"Agility Success" is a comprehensive book on finding and keeping  focus with your dog. It takes the reader through ways to achieve an "in  the zone" mental connection with his/her canine partner in agility  competition and practice. It is easy to read, has a workbook component,  and has input from very successful agility competitors. 

Excelling at Dog Agility Jane Simmons Moake: Book 1

This book provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for training  your dog to master each agility obstacle with safety, fun, and  competitive excellence in mind. It includes important principles for  building a happy and successful working relationship with your dog, as  well as a solid foundation for all of your agility training. The focus  is placed upon setting high standards from the start so that no  retraining will be necessary later down the road.

Excelling at Dog Agility Jane Simmons Moake: Book 2

This book teaches you how to sequence smoothly from one obstacle to  the next, to reach your dog's highest potential for speed and accuracy.  The book: helps you to develop a consistent set of cues for  communicating with your dog on the agility course. As a result, your dog  will understand your directives in an instant, even at the highest of  speeds and the greatest of distances. It also provides detailed lesson  plans for Beginner, Intermediate I, and Intermediate II agility training  classes.

Excelling at Dog Agility Jane Simmons Moake: Book 3

This book illustrates how to isolate and train many of the  higher-level skills necessary to successfully compete at the most  advanced levels of competition. It describes how to strengthen and  maintain existing skills for attaining fast and reliable performances in  the agility ring, and provides in-depth answers to commonly asked  questions in a helpful Problem Solving appendix.

Enjoying Dog Agility   Julie Daniels

One of the foundation texts on which the sport of agility has grown,  Enjoying Dog Agility remains author Julie Daniels’s primer on agility training,  relied upon by dog enthusiasts around the world. The text spells out  the author’s step-by-step approach to teaching her two- and four-legged  students based on her unique brand of TLC (Trust/Leadership/Confidence)  that helps owner and dog become an effective team. 

Clean Run Book of Agility Games   Bud Houston & Stuart Mah

Purpose is to provide agility instructors, judges, and enthusiasts  with an easy to use and clearly written reference to nearly any agility  game they might want to try. Games are described in alphabetical order  and several types of indexes are provided. Games range from games of  competition to those intended solely for fun and recreation. Sample  courses show the reader how each game is played. 

Agility Fun the Hobday Way    Ruth Hobday 

Volume I of Agility Fun The Hobday Way,  covers agility training for  puppies, is really two books in one. The first half is geared towards  individual puppy owners, with Chapters 1-5 offering information that  ranges from choosing a good agility prospect out of a litter of pups to  informal training that should be done during the youngster's first six  months of life. Information regarding more formal agility training  begins after that. The second half of the book contains detailed  instructor's plans for conducting puppy agility training classes.
This manual, then, is actually geared toward a dual audience: individual  owners of puppies aimed for agility training and/or competition, and  instructors who offer puppy agility group classes. The two  fore-mentioned groups of readers could very possibly merge into one  target audience, however, if puppy owners who were armed with this book  were able to hook up with a few fellow enthusiasts and put together  their own agility puppy class.

*NEW: Fun, Fast & Fabulous Weaves DVD Silvia Trkman
  Format: DVD, NTSC format
  Running Time: 1+ hour
  Bonus Materials: PDF file
Release Date: 2013

Fun, Fast & Fabulous Weaves shows the easiest way to train weave  poles from zero to perfection, giving your dog a complete understanding  of entries, independence, and the most efficient footwork, while making  it all just another fun game. This DVD also offers plenty of ideas for  improving the weaving style and speed of dogs that already know how to  weave as well as providing them with proofing exercises to improve  performance.

Fun, Fast & Fabulous Weaves includes a PDF file with over 100 weave pole entry and proofing ideas.

About the Author
  Silvia Trkman has been in agility since 1992. She is a 14-time  national champion of Slovenia, with five different dogs, and a 14-time  World Team member, with five different dogs. Silvia has won the FCI  Agility World Championships two times. Her training methods are best  known for producing fast, happy, and healthy dogs, tight turns and, of  course, running contacts.

*NEW: Ready-Steady-Go! 33 Tips for More Speed DVD Silvia Trkman

  Format: DVD, NTSC format
  Running Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes
  Release Date: 2011

The DVD addresses conditioning, attitude, games to play, dealing with  stress, and making agility training more about running. Speed is  definitely one of Silvia's favorite topics and having dogs that are  constantly setting the best times of all jump heights, including setting  the best time in her division at the FCI Agility World Championships 20  different times (16 times with La, 4 times with Bu, and Lo once had 2nd  best time after La ) probably means she has something important to  tell!

Silvia recommends this DVD to handlers who feel their dog could still  run even faster and also to handlers who deal with motivational or  stress issues. You'll also learn a lot about Silvia's approach to  agility and the philosophy behind the training that makes the dogs just  as fast as they are, and a lot about the conditioning that keeps the  dogs that fast for a long time. This DVD will also give you a good look  into Silvia's everyday life with her dogs as well as her agility  training sessions. So no, it's not just for dogs with speed issues!  Silvia says, "For me, it’s actually the most important pre-agility step  and we follow the 33 tips all the time. And oh, it's mostly taken in  beautiful Corsica mountains!"

About the Author
  Silvia Trkman has been in agility since 1992. She is a 14-time  national champion of Slovenia, with five different dogs, and a 14-time  World Team member, with five different dogs. Silvia has won the FCI  Agility World Championships two times. Her training methods are best  known for producing fast, happy, and healthy dogs, tight turns and, of  course, running contacts.


Purely Positive Training - Companion to  Competition Written by Sheila Booth, Published by Podium Publications 

The author's long-awaited second book offers a hands-off,  compulsion-free, positive-power approach to training dogs. No force.  Just fun. The emphasis is on building a positive relationship with our  dogs, and training in a way that strengthens that bond. Named Best Dog  Training Book of 1999 by the Dog Writers Association of America! 352  pages.

Excel-Erated Learning - Explaining (in Plain  English) How Dogs Learn and How Best to Teach Them Written by Pamela J. Reid, Ph.D., Published by James & Kenneth Publishers 

A must-read for serious dog trainers, this classic deals with  motivation, stages of learning, classical conditioning, operant  conditioning, single-event learning, factors that affect learning  (timing, schedules of reinforcement), stimulus control, aversive control  of behavior, negative punishment, the application of learning  principles to changing behavior, social learning, and more. 172 pages. 

Building Blocks for Performance: Give Your Puppy a Head Start for Competition Written by Bobbie Anderson with Tracy Libby, Published by Alpine Publications

In Building Blocks for Performance, Bobbie Anderson unveils 10  essential building blocks that will turn a puppy into a  highly-motivated, enthusiastic, and confident performance dog.  Step-by-step methods and how-to photos will help you build a strong bond  with your puppy, motivate your puppy, and use play to instill specific  behaviors. 15 minutes once or twice a day is all you need! 134 pages. ©  2002Training Workbooks. Donated by Christine Roesler

Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program  for You and Your Dog Written by Susan Garrett , Published by Clean Run Productions

Internationally-known canine sports instructor and competitor, Susan  Garrett, shares her incredibly successful relationship-building program.  Based on her years of experience working with dogs, the Ruff Love  program is designed not only to help people dealing with "problem" dogs,  but to help agility, flyball, obedience, and other dog sport handlers  build a better working relationship with their current competition dog  or get their next puppy or rescue dog started out on the right paw. 96  pages. © 2002 and 2003            Donated by Anne Young

The Dogs Mind  by Bruce Fogle

How do dogs perceive the world about them? How do they see, hear,  learn, relate to their owners? How large are their brains, what is their  emotional makeup? Why do they suffer from stress and how can it be  coped with? Over the last few years a substantial body of knowledge has  been built up about the psychology of dog behavior. Combining more than  twenty years of practical experience as a veterinary clinician with a  personal knowledge and understanding of the latest international  research, Dr. Bruce Fogle has written the most inclusive and relevant  book on how the canine mind works.

Think Dog    by John Fisher

In Think Dog!, animal behaviorist John Fisher advocates addressing  the causes of pet problems rather than just controlling the symptoms.  Compact chapters explain the canine mind and offer sound educational  strategies to enlighten even accomplished trainers.

Inside of a Dog    by Alexandra Horowitz

Containing up-to-the minute research and providing many moments of  dog-behavior recognition, this lively and absorbing book helps dog  owners to see their best friend's behavior in a different and revealing  light. Black & White illustrations throughout

You’re Secret Coach by Christine Smith

Unlock the power of your mind to fulfill your true potential in  agility. Would you like to be able to capture that exquisite sensation  of running the perfect round and recreate it again and again? Could you  learn to silence those nagging doubts that emerge to undermine your  confidence, just when you need it the most? Would you like to know how  to transform your weaknesses into strengths? Do you want to be able to  enjoy agility and have fun no matter what's on the score sheet? These  things are all possible once you discover your secret coach. 

With Winning in Mind    by Lanny Bassham

With Winning in Mind is for anyone who wants to achieve a  consistent mental performance under pressure and who wants to learn how  to increase performance and reduce stress. Written by an Olympic and  World Champion, With Winning in Mind is packed with Mental  Management techniques for competitors and coaches in all sports. Learn  the secrets of mastering the pressure of big competitions, the three  mental processes that control a winning performance, how to turn your  deficiencies into strengths, and how to train for competition. Learn the  secrets of Olympic champions. Over 100,000 copies of this book have  been sold and it has changed the performance of athletes around the  world competing in sports ranging from golf to rock climbing to dog  agility.

On Talking Terms with Dogs   by Turid Rugaas

By a noted expert on canine body language, notably “calming signals.”  These are signals dogs give each other - and humans - that denote  stress. These are the dogs’ attempt to defuse situations that otherwise  might result in fights or aggression.

What is My Dog Thinking    by Gwen Bailey

There are probably times when you wish you knew what your dog was  thinking. From tail wagging to growling, from play bowing to lip  licking, this fascinating book explains why your dog behaves the way he  does. What Is My Dog Thinking? covers six major aspects of dog behavior:  the importance of hierarchy, food and fitness, staying safe,  reproduction, social behavior, and people and dogs.

The Toolbox   by Terry Ryan

The Toolbox is a set of principles and practices you can use to  analyze and address any behavior problem you may encounter. Unlike other  problem-solving books that are limited in scope, Terry arms you with  the tools you need to design your own solutions. Her method is based on  positive motivation and rewards.

Click to Calm   by Emma Parsons

Positive Answers for the Aggressive Dog. The dog that bites. The dog  that attacks other dogs. The dog who may not survive his own aggressive  behavior. What can be done to help these dogs? When Emma Parsons, canine  behavior consultant, discovered that her own dog was aggressive, she  developed innovative and effective strategies to calm, alter, and  re-shape his reactive displays, and those of her clients' dogs.
  * desensitize your dog to approaching strange dogs
  * grab your dog's collar without getting bitten
  * teach dogs to perform canine calming signals on cue
* use your own body language when under stress as a cue for your dog to remain calm

How Do Dogs Learn     by Mary Burch Phd & Jon Bailey Phd

How Dogs Learn explore the fascinating science of operant  conditioning, where science and dog training meet. How Dogs Learn  explains the basic principles of behavior and how they can be used to  teach your dog new skills, diagnose problems and eliminate unwanted  behaviors. It's for anyone who wants to better understand the learning  process in dogs. Every concept is laid out clearly and precisely, and  its relevance to your dog and how you train is explained.
A Howell Dog Book of Distinction

Tricks of the Trade    by Pat Hastings

Learn the "Tricks of the Trade" from Pat Hastings, popular seminar  speaker and producer of the best-selling "Puppy Puzzle" video. From the  whelping box to the group ring, at home and on the road, everyone who is  involved in the sport of dogs can learn something from this book. If  you are a breeder or exhibitor of show dogs, "Tricks of the Trade" will  be a valuable resource for years to come 

More Fun and Games w/ Dogs  by Roy Hunter

Fun games to teach your dog

Better Food for Dogs   (cookbook)

People want their dogs to have happy, healthy and long lives and  providing the best nutrition is one of the most important steps you can  take toward achieving this goal. The problem is most of us aren't  nutritionists and there are so many conflicting opinions about dog's  dietary needs that feeding your dog can become an overwhelming  challenge. Better Food for Dogs is an invaluable  reference that will guide you through this nutritional puzzle. It also  provides you with all the information -- complete with tasty recipes,  tested and approved by dogs -- you need to feed your dog a natural  home-prepared diet, one of the best investments you can make in his/her  health. 



Agility Foundation Training 

This long-awaited video from Greg Derrett of Great  Britain covers all the essential basic training techniques to give  you and your dog the strong foundation needed to build a successful  agility career. Greg covers such topics as forming a good working  relationship, socializing the dog to the competitive environment,  teaching wait and directional commands, understanding body language,  training handling maneuvers, proofing commands, fitness training, as  well as motivation commands and other beneficial advice. 85 minutes  long, VHS only, NTSC (U.S.) format.

Great Dog, Shame About The  Handler

Greg's anxiously-awaited second production is      available. It is also accompanied by a booklet containing all the      course diagrams used in the exercises. This video comprehensively      covers all the handling maneuvers needed to get the best out of you      and your dog. Greg explains in great detail his proven and successful      methods and handling system, taking you through more than 50 training      exercises. With the importance of consistency and speed in agility      today, a good handling system is essential to achieve success. The      production is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. VHS, NTSC (U.S.)    format

Jump Into Agility ~The AKC Agility  Program

Jump Into Agility, which features over 50 different AKC breeds, breaks down the essentials of what it takes to      successfully navigate every aspect of the agility course. From the      A-frame to the Weave Poles, Jump into Agility is a great introduction to this exciting dog sport. Whether you are simply looking for a new way to have fun with your dog, or aspire to compete with the Word Championship Team, Jump into Agility will help you get on course! Run time: 24:35  Donated by Sally Nettleton-Smilas 

What Every Agility Competitor Should Know First about The Mental Game Lanny Bassham  Audio CD

Is the mental game important to your success in agility? The top  handlers think so. Most believe that controlling the mind is as  important as controlling the dog during a run. Get a jump on your  competitors by starting to master the mental game early in your agility  career. Most people wait years to begin learning the information on this  audio CD, What Every Dog Agility Competitor Should Know First About the Mental Game. By then, they have developed habits that cost them dearly and are hard to eliminate.  Lanny Bassham's audio CD program is designed to be the first stop on  your journey to mastering the mental game. Whether you are a veteran  competitor that is just now getting to the mental part of the sport or a  new handler, this information is vital to your success. Learn why you  should begin mastering mental skills when you begin handling skills.  Learn the top three mental mistakes competitors make and how to avoid  making them. Everyone says that handlers should always think positively;  this audio CD explains why this is so important to your success.  Listening to this CD is a great way to spend your driving time on the  way to trials!

Mental Management Lanny Bassham   ( set of 4 dvds) 
This 4 DVD video series is an advanced class in Mental Management  presented by Olympic Champion, Lanny Bassham. You will feel like you are  in a live seminar as Lanny takes you through these topics.

  • Winning the Mental Game - Learn why 90% of all  winning is accomplished by 5% of the performers. Understand the three  mental processes that control a winning performance. Master the secrets  used by Olympic Champions to win the mental game in business and sport.  60 min.
  • Performing Under Pressure - When you are under  pressure to perform well are YOU in control? Learn why most of our  beliefs about pressure are myths. Become skilled at pressure control  strategies used by Olympic Champions. Master Mental Rehearsal, Running a  Mental Program and Performance Analysis to gain an edge in business and  sport. 67 min.
  • Goal Getting - Setting Goals is not enough.  Getting them requires mental discipline. Learn why Goal Getting is the  most important skill you will ever need. Learn why most of our beliefs  about goal setting are ineffective. Become skilled at the same  GoalGetting system used by Olympic Champions. Master the 10 Rules of  Attainment and the Becoming Process. 66 min.
  • Mastering Self Image - Change your Self Image and  you change your future. Learn why your Self Image and your performance  are always equal. Learn how to change any attitude or habit in just 21  days. Master Self Image imprinting and reinforcement techniques. 62 min.

Go The Distance Stacy Peardot-Goudy   DVD

DVD # 1 Whether you're trying to get your Velcro dog to move a few  feet away from you or many yards, Stacy Peardot-Goudy's exercises for  training distance work in the Go the Distance Vol. 1 DVD will help.  Distance work is a key element of success in any agility venue. While it  is obviously critical preparation for Gamblers, the fact is that you  cannot run your dog in the upper levels of the Standard and Jumpers  classes in any venue if you and your dog are joined at the hip. The  ingredients in the recipe for distance work that transform the dog  working close with comfort and reliability to the dog that works at a  distance with comfort and reliability are experience and confidence. In  this series of videos, all exercises begin with you handling at a modest  distance away from the dog, gradually adding distance over time as the  dog becomes comfortable and reliable at each stage. The exercises, which  are based on the book of the same name, can easily be tailored to any  level of dog.

DVD # 2 Need more difficult distance challenges? In the Go the  Distance Vol. 2 DVD by Stacy Peardot-Goudy illustrates advanced  exercises from the book Go the Distance that she co-wrote with Bud  Houston. The exercises in this second DVD build on the exercises in the  Go the Distance Vol. 1 DVD and cover more difficult distance challenges.  

2004 FCI Agility World Championships   DVD

2005 FCI Agility World Championships   DVD

Training Running Contacts with Stride Regulators  Barb Davis     DVD

Barb takes you step-by-step through the entire training process,  including preliminary work, explaining how to use the stride regulators  to shape running contacts. Included are ideas on how to speed up contact  performance; retraining on the A-Frame and the pros & cons of  running contacts 

Clean Run Instructor Camp DVD’s

Clean Run Instructor Conference         DVD

Scaredy Dogs by Carolyn Barney
  This DVD is a live recording of a presentation done at the 2007 Clean Run Instructor Conference.
Many agility dogs are generally fearful or become fearful during  training or trialing due to specific incidences. Some dogs work through  fear easily while others need careful intervention. What does fear look  like? It's not always as easy to recognize as you might think. Does your  foundation training program inoculate your student's dogs or leave them  vulnerable? What techniques do you use to help a student who already  has a fearful dog? This session will provide you with an overview of  what fear looks like, how to prevent it, and how to decrease it.

Making Reinforcement Fun by Rachel Sanders

This DVD is a live recording of a presentation done at the 2007 Clean Run Instructor Conference.
  Positive reinforcement is so much more than giving your dog a cookie  or a pat on the head or tossing a toy for him. Learn how to get the most  out of your reward system by combining handler interaction and valuable  positive reinforcement when training and competing. Make the training  process more fun for both yourself and your dog, and also learn to use  toys effectively during agility training.
Rachel discusses and demonstrates the "dos" and "don'ts" of play using  her dog as well as dogs from the audience. Learn to use toys more  effectively in your training.

Shaping For Demand by Julie Daniels

This DVD is a live recording of a presentation done at the 2007 Clean Run Instructor Conference.
You're a clicker trainer and a good instructor, and you know how to help  your student when his dog gets "stuck," but do you know how to take  your dogs from "operant" to "demand"? This session shows you how to turn  a dog who tolerates any agility obstacle into a dog who demands to perform the obstacle, and does so with pride.

This session presumes clicker savvy and good background experience in  the art and science of teaching. The focus is on some of the finesse  and fine points of creating more desire in the dog. We can't change the  true hard-wired drive that Mother Nature gave our dog, but we sure can  change the level of desire toward the tasks at hand. Julie shows you how  to use the quadrants of operant conditioning and the two-way feedback  system available in any shaping session to create a strong drive toward a  task that the dog finds confusing or frightening. 



Beyond Basic Dog Training by Diane Bauman

Shows how dogs learn, what they do with what they learn, and how a  stimulated canine mind, along with an untrampled canine ego, makes for a  dog that is a joy to live and work with. Covers competitive obedience  exercises novice through utility, but the emphasis is on novice. Even  covers how to choose a puppy for competitive obedience, special  techniques for large and small dogs, proofing. Exercises are discussed  individually. There is a section on using match shows and tips for your  actual ring performance

Beyond Basic Dog Training Workbook  by Diane Bauman

Use the WORKBOOK as a self-help study guide if you are an individual  who can’t train in a class where these methods are taught. Although  specifically designed for use with Beyond Basic Dog Training, the  workbook can also be used without the text. Trainers will find the  workbook helpful for record keeping and working through problems. Use  one copy for each dog you are training. Write in it; learn from your  mistakes. The positive methods outlined are sure to create exciting  results and happier, better working obedience dogs.

Dual Ring Dog  by Jacqueline Fraser

The first book to address the training needs and distinctions of dogs  shown in conformation competition and Obedience Trials together, Dual  Ring Dog also introduces Obedience training for retired show dogs.



Dog Years  by Mark Doty

When Mark Doty decides to adopt a dog as a companion for his dying  partner, he brings home Beau, a large, malnourished golden retriever in  need of loving care. Joining Arden, the black retriever, to complete  their family, Beau bounds back into life. Before long, the two dogs  become Doty's intimate companions, and eventually the very life force  that keeps him from abandoning all hope during the darkest days. Dog Years  is a poignant, intimate memoir interwoven with profound reflections on  our feelings for animals and the lessons they teach us about living,  love, and loss

The New Work of Dogs  by Jon Katz

In an increasingly fragmented and disconnected society, dogs are  often treated not as pets, but as family members and human surrogates. The New Work of Dogs profiles  a dozen such relationships in a New Jersey town, like the story of  Harry, a Welsh corgi who provides sustaining emotional strength for a  woman battling terminal breast cancer; Cherokee, companion of a man who  has few friends and doesn’t know how to talk to his family; the Divorced  Dogs Club, whose funny, acerbic, and sometimes angry women turn to  their dogs to help them rebuild their lives; and Betty Jean, the frantic  founder of a tiny rescue group that has saved five hundred dogs from  abuse or abandonment in recent years.

Drawn from hundreds of interviews and conversations with dog lovers and canine professionals, The New Work of Dogs  combines compelling personal narratives with a penetrating look at  human/animal attachment, and it presents a vivid portrait of a  community—and, by extension, an entire nation—that is turning to its  pets for emotional support and stability in a changing and uncertain  world.

Marley and Me by John Grogan

The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family in the making  and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in  life.