Returned Check (INF ) Policy

January 2002

If a check from a client or club member is returned for insufficient funds by the bank, the following procedure will be followed.



  1. Club Officers and /or Board members will be notified.


2.    Personal contact (via phone call or in person) will be made stating the person has   

      5 days to make good on the bad check with cash or money order or certified bank

      check . They will be advised that a $25.00 fee will be charged on top of the bad

      check amount to cover any bank fees and paperwork and time involved in

      collecting these monies.



  1. If personal contact can not be made, or if the person has not made good on this check within 5 days, all class and/or club privileges as applicable will be suspended until the check is made good. (Trainer of the class in question will be notified at this time as to class suspension) At this time a formal letter will be sent registered mail (with proof of receipt) . In said letter it will be stated that if the check is not made good (with the addition of a $20.00 fee) within 7 days from receipt of this letter, a bad check complaint will be filed with the police department and a warrant for their arrest may be made out. (per state and local  laws)


  1.  After the complaint has been filed with the police, the matter is out of the clubs hands, and further contact and/ or collection regarding this matter will  be  referred to the police