Southern New England Agility Klub    


Sept 2001


Date: ______________________


The following is a list of restrictions to be placed on : ___________________________  , 


a dog owned by __________________________________  due to an incident of unsolicited


aggression by the above said dog against  _________________________ , a dog owned by



( Unsolicited aggression being that the dog attacked did not instigate the attack )


Description of incident:





            The above said dog is being placed on close restriction while on the grounds and training in classes with S.N.E.A.K. Agility Club.  These restrictions will be solely the owners responsibility to enforce , and any deviation of these restrictions will result in the above said dog being removed from the grounds permanently. The class trainer (s) have the discretion on deciding if the below restrictions are being adhered to and will make the decision that the dog be removed permanently if these are not met.


1.    6 foot lead (or shorter) ONLY on the training grounds.

2.    Leash is to be in owners hand at all times for control unless actually running the dog on a course or class set up.

3.    Dog is never to be left tied unattended, but may be placed in a crate or back in owners car if

      owner must leave him/her unattended for a period of time.

4.    Owner will not stand/ loiter near entry /exit area with the dog except for actual entry/ exit of

      to training area.

During Classes:

5.    Owner will keep dog leashed on 6 foot (or shorter) lead only, and well away from the running 

      area when other dogs are taking their turn in class.

6.    Owner will pay close attention to dog and watch for signs of aggression, and train/ or distract


7.    When owner is actually running the dog during their turn, if dog leaves them to wander off,

       they will immediately and quickly go to dog and put dog back on lead, and finish the

       exercise on lead.

            One more incident of aggression by the above said dog, or if the owner elects to follow the above restrictions but then does not adhere to them, the owner(s) will have to remove said dog from class and grounds permanently. No refund of classes will be given if this occurs.

            If owner chooses not to follow the above restrictions, and chooses to remove the dog from the classes NOW, a refund of any future classes after this date that have been paid for will be given.



________________________________________              _____________________________________

Signature of Trainer                                                               Signature of Trainer

Note: Make 2 copies, 1 for owner, 1 for club