Voucher System Policy


Section 1: Trainer Vouchers orig 1/13/03

            Instructors earn $30.00 in SNEAK vouchers per each 1 hour class taught. A bonus $10.00 voucher will be issued to the instructor who does the class planning. This instructor must have the class plans to their fellow instructor (s) a minimum of 2 weeks prior to each class. The exception would be the Basic I class, who are on a progressive system, must have it a minimum of 1 week prior to class. If any instructor comes to any class not knowing what he/she is teaching the $10 bonus is forfeit. This must be noted on the instructor check in sheet.

It is the trainerís responsibility to keep track of and check their own names off on the instructor check in sheet each week at the place of class. Vouchers will not be issued for any unchecked weeks. If a trainer is substituting for someone, put two (2) checks in that weeks box, and make sure the absent instructor is so marked, with the initials of the person covering in that block.

            Instructors will be issued their vouchers after the completion of the 8 week session.


Section 2: Club Member work vouchers orig 3-12-00

            An individual club member may earn credit vouchers for special projects and work approved by the Board of Directors. They are in the form of $5.00 per hour for this BOD approved work.

They cannot be earned working at major club events, i.e.: Show and Go, Demo, Trial, Match, Fund Raiser or SNEAKís annual summer spruce up event where whole club participation is expected and volunteering to work these events are part of the membership agreement.

The purpose of this is to encourage individual club members to participate in taking on a special project. It is a requirement of your SNEAK membership to volunteer to work at least 50% of the club events per year.

The hours worked are the club memberís responsibility to keep track of and submit on the proper form to Anne Young. Once they are approved by the BOD they will be issued. (Forms may be gotten from Anne also)

            The person processing class registrations and the class /instructor coordinator are allowed to submit up to 5 hours for this job, per class session.

            The Equipment manager and/or designated person doing equipment building/repair work is allowed to submit up to 10 hours a month total, for actual work done on the equipment. Any special equipment repair or project expected to go over the 10 hours, needs to be approved in advance by the BOD.


Section 3: Workshops

            If any individual club member is interested in holding a workshop and teaching a skill, after being approved by the Seminar Committee, they will be paid $30.00 per hour in vouchers for the actual training/presentation of that workshop. It is that club memberís responsibility to keep track of these hours and submit them to the club treasurer.


v    Both types of vouchers may be used at SNEAK classes, workshops, seminars, show & goís

and matches.

v    Both types of vouchers may be transferred by the recipient to another SNEAK club member

or immediate family member if desired.

v    Neither type of voucher may be used at a SNEAK Sanctioned trial or outside activities.

v    Neither type of vouchers may be earned at Show and Goís, Matches or Trials.

v    At no time may these credit vouchers be exchanged for cash reimbursement,

nor will lost vouchers be replaced.


When volunteer committees of 2 or more people are formed for specific tasks, it is not expected that vouchers be submitted for, as the work should be divided out so that no one person is inundated with too many time consuming tasks.


Orig/dhw/01-04/rev 1-05/rev 8-05