SNEAK Agility

Guidelines for SNEAK Instructors

 Procedures for current instructors and appointment of new instructors

Approved by the Board of Directors and Training Committee


Section 1: Current SNEAK Instructor procedures


1.               To maintain the position of instructor for SNEAK the individual must attend at least 1 dog training workshop or seminar in the role as either auditor or participant in each calendar year, and teach at least one session of SNEAK classes in a calendar year. The workshop or seminar does not have to be sponsor by SNEAK, but if it is not, the instructor needs to provide a copy of his/her confirmation of attendance at this outside seminar to the Training Committee as proof of fulfillment.

2.               In the event that the instructor is not able to teach a class, it is the instructorÕs responsibility to:

A.    Notify the Training Committee chair regarding date of absence and who will be substituting.

B.    Notify the co instructor, if the class is co-taught.

C.    Solicit by phone, personal e-mail or in person to arrange for a substitute instructor. The substitute instructor must be an individual currently maintaining the position of instructor for SNEAK, and an approved replacement for that level class.           

3.               Instructors may not run their dogs during a class they are instructing. They may run their dogs before or after class, depending on the class time structure and other classes that are scheduled.

Section 2: Appointment of New  Instructors

1.              The individual applies to the Training Committee/or is solicited by the TC to become an instructor. The TC approves or disapproves the application, and the BOD is notified of the application and the action taken.

2.              The person requesting/solicited to become an instructor has attended at least one year of SNEAK Classes consistently (regularly), and is a SNEAK member in good standing for at least 6 months, so as to know our training procedures and practices.

3.              The person apprentice under another current instructor approved by the TC for at least two 8-week sessions of classes before having their own class assigned to them. The apprenticeship period may be extended if deemed necessary by the head instructor.

4.              Some or all of above # 2 and # 3 may be waived (with the exception of the membership requirement) if the TC determines the new instructor has extensive experience instructing agility outside the SNEAK club and has written references and/or is known to have done so personally by the Training Committee.The decision by the TC to offer a waiver of requirements in # 2 and # 3 above will be sent to the BOD for agreement.

5.              The person will be evaluated after their apprenticeship by a second club trainer to determine if they are ready to teach their own class.

6.               The person being taken on as a new instructor / apprentice must be aware that he/she is expected to be at class at least 30 minutes before the start of class, and to coordinate with the head instructor ahead of class time what is to be accomplished, including the lesson plan for that class. The new apprentice shall assist the head instructor in all phases of the class, i.e.: set up and break down, assisting students etc, and take direction from the head instructor about how the class is to be run and how students are to be trained. Any dissention on the above issues will be grounds for being removed from the instructor level. This action will be taken at the discretion of the full TC and the BOD will be notified immediately after such decision has been reached. Formal removal notification will come from the combined TC.

7.              The new instructor /apprentice at no time will be compensated for the first 8 week apprentice session. The apprentice will have full trainer vouchers issued for the 2nd session after that second session is finished satisfactorily based on recommendation from session head instructor(s)and for any subsequent session trained thereafter.


All issues regarding current and new club trainers, hiring special outside trainers on a temporary basis, and any training issues relating to classes, are the sole jurisdiction of the Training Committee and / or BOD and do not come under general SNEAK membership vote.

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