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Guidelines Club Instructors/ Procedures                May 2001 / rev Jan 04

Aggressive Dog Policy/ Restriction                       September 2001

Class Move up Form / Criteria                               September 2001

Returned Check Policy( Bad Check)                      January 2002

Refund Policy                                                         March 2002

Harsh Treatment of Dog Policy                             September 2002

Reimbursement / Payments Policy                         March 2003                               

Voucher Policy                                                       January 2004/Rev 1-8-05          

Equipment Manager Guidelines                             August 1,2005

Volunteer Credit Policy                                          November 19,2005

Renting SNEAK equipment                                   January 6,2006




New Classes or Workshops Policy     January 2004/removed 1-8-05 incorporated into voucher policy

Trainer Credit / Voucher Policy         January 2003/removed 1-8-05 incorporated into voucher policy