Southern New England Agility Klub

Student ~ Dog

Harsh Treatment Policy


Record all incidents below.


            All of SNEAK classes are taught with positive training methods.

Harsh, punitive and/or harmful corrections done on the part of the owner/ student toward the dog they are training are unacceptable. These type of corrections are not allowed anywhere on /in the SNEAK training facility, or its surrounding grounds and/ or parking lot.


            As such, if a trainer observes a harsh, punitive or harmful correction/ punishment the ensuing policy will be followed.


    First Incident ~ Verbal Warning


1.     The trainer will immediately speak with the owner/ student about their behavior toward the dog. If the student is a minor, the trainer will speak to the first available parent/ guardian as soon as possible about the incident. The trainer will also inform them that this will be on report with the SNEAK Training Committee, and the trainer will then file that report.


    Second Incident ~ Written warning


2.     If it happens a second time the trainer will speak with them at the time of the incident, then the trainer will inform the Training Committee of the 2nd incident so that a written notice may be done up and given to the owner/ student by the Training Committee.


    Third Incident ~ Removed from classes


3.     And if it happens a third time they will be informed by the instructor and a member of the Training Committee to leave the SNEAK classes and the grounds surrounding them permanently. 


If after any of the incidents the owner/student chooses to leave the classes on their own, or after the third incident they are told to leave, there will be no refund of any unused classes to the owner/ student.


Owner/Student Name _____________________________________  Dog Name______________________


Trainer(s) Observing Incident ______________________________________________________________


Date of First Incident   ___________________  ( Write out incident details on back of this form or attach ) __________


Date of Second Incident __________________  ( Attach copy of written notice given to owner/student)  ____________


Date of Third Incident ____________________                                                                           __________

 (Add to back of this form details of who spoke w/ party and what was said, or attach word document about this)




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Harsh Treatment Incident Report to Training Committee


    First Incident Summary to be completed by the trainer / observer and filed with Training Committee.


Incident happened on:  _________________ At: ______________________________________________

                                                Date                                                                  Location

Student/ Owners Name: _________________________________ Dog Name _______________________


Trainer / observer: _______________________________________________________________________

Summary of Incident:














    What was done/said by the Trainer/ Observer:





    Second Incident Summary :  Attach copy of written notice given by Training Committee

Incident happened on: __________________ At: ______________________________________________





    Third Incident Summary:

Incident happened on: __________________ At: ______________________________________________





Subject spoken to by: __________________________________________________________________


And __________________________________________ on: ___________________________________

                        Training Committee Member                                                                                                          Date

And was removed from future classes given by SNEAK Agility Klub.




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(Back of form)



Southern New England Agility Klub

Training Committee

Harsh Treatment Notice


Written Notice of unacceptable student/ dog behavior.



Date: _______________________


To: _________________________________________________________________________________


Trainer/ Owner of Dog named: ____________________________________________________________


Date of First Incident: _____________________ Verbal warning given at time of incident.


Date of Second Incident: ___________________


Second incident summary: _________________________________________________________________





            This notice is to inform you that the SNEAK Training Committee has been informed of two (2) separate incidents of harsh / abusive correction and/ or punishments towards your dog while training in a SNEAK Agility class, or on the SNEAK training grounds/ parking area. This notice also serves as your second warning about this type of treatment.


            As this goes against SNEAK policy of positive training methods, you are being put on formal notice that if there is one (1) more incident reported to this committee of harsh/ abusive treatment to your dog while on the SNEAK training grounds, you will be removed from this session of classes and not allowed to attend any future classes given by the SNEAK Agility Club.


            At no point will a refund of unused classes be given.



SNEAK Training Committee Members:



________________________________                                ____________________________________



________________________________                                ____________________________________




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