SNEAK Service Credits / Volunteer Tracking

Revised 9-19-05


Please Note: The requirements regarding the Service Credits for membership are being revised. New information will be available following the January club meeting.



Regular, Minimum 8 Credits

Family, Minimum 12 Credits total

Junior Members, Minimum 4 credits

Associate Members not eligible


Earning Credits:


Service credits are earned by volunteer service to the club. (As required in the club By-Laws), including attendance at meetings, holding club officer positions, committee positions, organizing seminars, workshops, run thrus, working at SNEAK trials and matches, and active working participation at the annual clean up/repair day / picnic in July if clean up and repair is needed. (See rate schedule below)


The above listed minimum credits earned during the fiscal year between January 1 and December 31 is required to renew a regular membership.


Membership must be current and in good standing to earn and redeem service credits. If club membership is allowed to lapse, all credits are voided thirty days after renewal is due.


If the required membership credits have not been earned by December 31 of any given year, membership can only be renewed on an associate level. Once a membership is brought down to the associate level, all previously earned credits are lost and the member must fulfill all the requirements of that level to again become a full active member.

If due to serious illness or injury, or job commitments, the club member may not be able to fulfill his/her service credit requirements for that year, they may submit a letter of explanation to the BOD for review, and the requirement may, at the discretion of the BOD, be waived for 1 year only. This would be on a case-by-case basis.


            The minimum service credits are also required to be eligible for recognition and awards at SNEAKS annual dinner. Once a member fulfills the minimum credit requirement; he is also eligible to attend the awards dinner as a guest of the club ( No charge).


            Service credits may be used to determine participation in some SNEAK events.

In order to attend events, seminars and classes that fill quickly, members with higher credit balance may have a priority over those with lower credit balance as long as their application is received by the specified deadline for that activity. Service credits may also be used at certain SNEAK activities to get a discounted rate. (See separate rate schedule) Note: This will not reduce your balance for membership requirements. Your total balance earned for the year will be used for membership renewals, the SNEAK dinner and awards.


            Participation/entry in club events such as trials, seminars, run thrus etc does NOT earn credits unless there is a work role being completed. Simply being in the event as a participant will not earn you credits. The exception would be a club demo, where a full day commitment for you and/ or your dog is required.


            Unused service credits may be carried forward for 1 year. Any credits not used after 2 years will expire (on Dec 31 of that 2nd year) so that the credit system reflects active continuing participation



Rate Schedule:

            Points will be awarded as the job is taken on.

Below are the current available jobs/committee positions and the assigned credit value. Any other job/committee not on this schedule will be taken on a case-by-case basis by the BOD before the job starts and assigned a credit value. If it becomes a permanent job/committee, it will be added here. If it remains a one time temporary position, it will be classified as misc.

            If a job/committee is classified as a one-year commitment, and this commitment is not fulfilled, the points will be removed from that person(s) total. A one-year commitment will be considered January 1 through Dec 31 of any given year. A committee may be 1 or more persons involved in setting up an event. Each person on that committee will earn the below credits. A committee may be limited in number by the BOD as some positions only require one or 2 persons.

            If a committee job is taken on, and the BOD decides it is not being done satisfactorily, the person will receive notice, and if job is still not completed, possibly have the credits removed from his/her total.

            For work participation credits, there will be sign up attendance sheets at every meeting and club function. It will be the club memberŐs responsibility to sign this sheet with the hours worked and job performed.

One Credit

Two Credits


Three Credits

The following committees are a one year commitment earning 3 credits.

Trial Committee

Seminar/Workshop Committee

Membership Committee

Election Committee

Equipment Committee

Class Registrations (1 person)

Advertising Committee (1 person)

SNEAK Logo/ Clothing Committee (1 person)

Club Librarian (1 person)

Club credit manager (1 person)

Web Master (1 person)

Four Credits

Five Credits

Credits for SNEAK Trials and Full Day Run Thrus or Matches

            For each one hour actually worked at one of the above events, ½ credit will be given. So a full day worked at any of the above events would give 4 credits. Working both days of a 2 day event will give 8 credits. This will enable SNEAK members to put in for credits working multiple ring work jobs throughout the day. I.e. ½ hour working in one ring, 1 hour working in another ring would earn 1 ½ credits. This would be on an honor system, and sign up sheets will be available in a central location and it will be the memberŐs responsibility to log in their time at that event, on that day.


Using Credits for discounts. At certain SNEAK sponsored seminars, workshops, run thrus etc. credits may be used to also obtain a discount on prices. Each credit is worth 1 % off the cost of attending. (i.e.: use ten credits, get 10% off the cost). Credits discounts may be used during the year but the total balance earned during the year will still be reflected towards your club membership renewal. All credits used for these functions must be reported to the credit manager, so as to accurately reflect status.