Sneak Reimbursement  / Purchase / Payment Policy

Instituted by the Board of Directors

Per SNEAK By-Laws all expenses need Board Approval


The following procedures will be used for any payments, purchases or reimbursements made to any individual or company by the SNEAK club.


1.     ALL requests for payments and reimbursements shall be submitted to the club treasurer with a

legible and correctly filled out SNEAK payment voucher with original purchase receipts/ invoices ( not copies) attached.


2.      The Board must approve any expenditure, reimbursements or purchases not previously authorized by the Board, in order to be paid.


3.     Reimbursement for regular monthly/bi monthly secretary, treasurer, advertising and training class coordinator (the person taking apps for classes) expenses i.e.: stamps, copies, ads, etc., as long as they are backed up by proper receipts, are exempt from further board approval. All non-regular purchases and expenditure reimbursements must have board approval BEFORE the purchase.


4.   Special projects:

All special Ad-Hoc committees formed within the club, must submit original receipts specific for any expenditures for that committee, separate from any other receipts they may submit for reimbursement for any other committee or event. (i.e.: all events are to be kept separate for payment purposes)              

5.   Any equipment purchase must be approved BEFORE purchase in order to get reimbursed.


6.   If check must be issued ahead of time for any purchase/ payment, some type of documentation         from where item is being purchased must be received prior to payment, showing the cost, nature of items, and how many will be purchased and est. shipping charges. After the delivery or purchase, receipt of this expenditure must be given to the club treasurer as proof / backup of the expense.


6.              Training Committee expenses:

A.            Routine expenses such as copies, postage for flyers for events, need not get prior approval from Board for reimbursement as long as receipts accompany them.

B.             Any large expense the committee is looking toward, such as seminars,

special location rentals, trials etc, need board approval. Once an event is approved, all routine expenditures in the regular processing of the event will be reimbursed with proper documentation.


7.              Reimbursement for entertainment:

When the club has a visiting official, i.e. judge, seminar giver, one person shall be assigned by that committee, to pick up and transport said official from place to place if needed, and one person shall be assigned to take such person out for meal(s). (Transport and meal person does not have to be the same person) The club will reimburse (with proper receipt backup) for the following:

Meals: Breakfast $5.00, Lunch $10.00, Dinner $20.00.

Mileage: Location to location will be noted with total mileage, and reason. One person for each expense will be reimbursed the federal mileage rate of .36 (cents) per miles for 2003.