S.N.E.A.K. Agility Training

Class Move Up Form

September 2001

Student is to fill out below form and have instructor sign it in order to enroll in  the next level of class.


The below student has showed consistent performance in his/her current level of training with their dog and has met all the criteria listed below for the next level of class.


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Move up approved by:

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Basic I : For the dog and/or  handler that has never had any formal agility training .Basic obedience commands are suggested for this level, but are needed to move on.(ie: come ,sit, down, stay )


Basic II: Dogs and handlers just coming out of Basic I, familiar with most equipment. Basic II may be repeated as often as needed. Should be able to work off leash and have a reliable recall and perform some basic obedience commands. (i.e.: come, sit, down, stay)


Intermediate: This class is starting learning sequences and handling skills.

For dogs and handlers coming out of Basic II , able to work off leash and  under control, with other dogs working around him/her, comfortable on  ALL equipment at full height, including weaves.

 May be repeated as often as necessary.


Performance: This class is for learning more advanced sequences and handling skills, and learning to run courses. For dogs and handlers able to run sequences and courses. Off leash control with lots of distractions needed, all equipment at full height.  Performing weave poles consistently. May be repeated as often as necessary.


Competition I : For dogs and handlers getting ready for trials, advanced handling skills. Mostly sequences, with some full course work. Dogs should have at least a few Intermediate and Performance sessions before coming to this class. Excellent/ Elite level work.


Competition II:

Dogs must be competing or at competing level. For experienced dogs and handlers only.  Excellent / Elite level sequencing and some full course work.