Equipment Manager Guidelines

August 1,2005


The SNEAK Equipment manager position is a one year term. The same person can fill the position for multiple terms if he/she desires, but once taken on,

 it is expected that the one year term, from January 1 through December 31 is completed.


The equipment manager is responsible for keeping current SNEAK equipment in good working order and acquiring new equipment on the approval of the Board of Directors.


The actual repair of current equipment does not have to be undertaken by the EM personally, but may be assigned by the EM to another party if one is available to

 do the work.


A monetary expense for equipment upkeep/repair is budgeted for up to $50.00 each month. Prior approval is not needed for up to this amount.

Any special projects that are expected to run over this amount in any given month need to be approved by the Board of Directors before being undertaken.

 If approval is not sought, and repairs are made, there is the risk of not being reimbursed for these unapproved expenses.


All new equipment purchases will only be done with BOD approval beforehand.


The monetary expenses for equipment upkeep/ purchase will be reimbursed providing receipts are kept from the vendor stating the purchase date, item(s) purchased and the amount of purchase and any shipping involved. These receipts will be provided to the treasurer in an orderly fashion, and in a timely manner, and reimbursement will be provided. Any expenses not backed by a proper receipt will not be reimbursed.


Vouchers in the amount of $5.00 per hour may be requested by the EM or his/her designated party doing the repairs, for up to 10 hours total

per month with the voucher person ( currently Anne Young) . Any unused hours ( up to that 10 hour limit) may be carried forward to the next month, increasing that months allotment.

(i.e. If in January and February of a given year, no hours were used, then in March 30 hours would be available if needed.)


Any special projects that the EM and/ or designated persons expect to go over that limit must have prior approval of the BOD.


The EM is expected to organize the moving of equipment needed to and from the grounds for the SNEAK club annual trial, and demo.


An equipment inventory list will be kept by the treasurer, and added to as new equipment is bought, and remove old items as they are retired and/or sold. This list will be sent to the equipment manager whenever an update is done.


At no time is club equipment to be loaned out to, or borrowed by any individual club member with out BOD approval.


No club member is to approach the EM directly with requests for new equipment or changes to existing equipment. If this happens, the EM is to direct them to filling out the proper request form and submitting it to the Training Committee for consideration.


The EM is to report any concerns or ideas he/she may have to the Club President, Treasurer and Training Committee Chairperson.These ideas/ concerns will be taken under advisement, and passed on to the appropriate person(s) if deemed necessary. Individual club members and trainers are not to be contacted regarding any problems .


The EM needs to be aware, that certain ideas/concerns may not be acted upon immediately. This is a club where there are many members involved, and the needs of all need to be addressed, not just one or two members.