Policy for Submission of Requests & Agenda Items


So that the general club membership can have some input with ideas they may have, the BOD has come up with a formalized way of submitting requests/ideas etc.



There will be three forms ( in excel format)

One for Equipment requests/repairs/purchases that need to be submitted to the BOD for approval before being implemented by Deb, the equipment manager. This will hopefully cut down on the numerous claims on her time, and allow her to tackle things on a case by case basis.


There will be a form for the Board of Directors,for ideas and requests to be submitted for consideration on the BOD agenda, for BOD meetings.


There will also be a form for the training committee for the same purpose.


There will no longer be any changes made by simply making a verbal request of one member of any of the above committees. Verbal requests get lost in the shuffle.

This is a safeguard for the members, to make sure their input gets considered. It may be approved, may not, but at least it will be considered and a record of that kept on file.


These forms will be downloaded to the yahoo site, and sent out with the next newsletter. The can be filled out on your computer, and e-mailed to the appropriate committee. If you donŐt get a response from the person you sent it to that it was received, please check back with them.


Any decision made at a club meeting does not need to go through this process.