In Memory



Teammate of Kristie Foss, Companion of Ray

Teka was an incredible teacher, and she taught me so much. Through her, I learned:
•the importance of patience and practice
•the importance of feeling safe and secure
•the need to protect and be protected
•the meaning of loyalty
•the power of trust
•that family is everything
•that fear is the other side of anger
•the feeling of pleasure in pleasing someone else
•the joy of feeling free
•the feeling of confidence which comes from a job well done
.... and more than I ever thought I'd want to know about dog behavior
It is in large part due to Teka that I started into the world of dog training. What huge gifts she gave me.
When I close my eyes, I see her running and jumping and barking - in joy, free from the fears that were often a part of her life. Be happy, Teka. Be joyful.

Teka 09/17/1999 - 10/15/2010

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