In Memory



First Teammate of Kristie Foss, Companion of Ray

Kobi. Everything about her spoke to the meaning of her name – she was indeed our joy and delight, a true gift.

Kobi was my first in so many ways:

~ She was my first Aussie, and she epitomized the best of the breed.  I fell in love with her and her Aussie ways, and the breed has been special to me ever since.
~Kobi was my first agility dog.  I thanked her all the time for bringing this marvelous world to me, and for being my partner and teammate.
~She was my first clicker dog. Her responsiveness to this tool opened many training and teaching opportunities, and provided me a positive way to reach our other dogs.
~Kobi was my first visiting dog.  She brought smiles and giggles to children and adults alike, and seemed to enjoy every minute.

And she will always be first in my heart. My once-in-a-lifetime, dear sweet girl.

Kobi 4/16/1998 - 10/07/2011

C-ATCH Arboretum Yorokobi MX, MXJ, PD3, PJ3, ChST, ChCL, ChWC, ChFH, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O, EAS, O-EJS, O-TNS-E, TGS-E, O-OGC, WV-N, HP-N, CGC, TT