In Memory

Colorado's East Coast Rocker "Ashley"

Teammate of Dee Williamson

A letter to Ashley:

My beloved girl, you came to me at 4 months old from Aussie rescue. Right from the start you were a comedian, which made me fall head over heels in love with you.
We definitely were not the most Q’ing team in agility, but you tolerated my mistakes, and if I got too serious, you would go off and do something totally absurd to get me laughing. You were the only dog I know who regularly would come out of the chute butt first, do a flying twisting jump into the air out of it, and land on all fours and look at me saying, "How was that!"
You were such a very loving Aussie and when you were diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, you made it your job to go to every dogless person in the waiting room that you could get to and sit next to them on the bench and comfort them even though you felt so crummy yourself.
You were however quite a glutton, and a smart one too. You learned to steal the cat food off of the counter by turning your head away from it, and reaching blindly with your paw to grab the dish and drag it over to the edge. (You got an extra 2 inch reach by looking away from it)
You were also a counter surfer extraordinaire, a trick you were quite proud of and nothing was safe from you. Oddly, after you left me, that was one of the things I missed the most, not having to keep everything under lock and key.
You went to the bridge with such dignity on January 10,2004 and I still miss you so much my girl. You are forever in my heart.

Your Mom